The Case: Art and Criminality, Methodological Exhibition, Alenka Pirman

artist Alenka Pirman
term the subject
year 2005

Alenka Pirman (with Biserka Debeljak), The Case: Art and Criminality, Methodological Exhibition, Mala galerija, Ljubljana, 2005 [nothing to see or to interpret].


The artist Alenka Pirman explains her intentions in a cataloge of her solo exhibition at International Graphic Art Centre with the following quote: "I was working with Biserka Debeljak, a long-time curator at the Museum of the Internal Affairs Agencies (today, the Slovenian Police Museum), and Igor Zabel, a curator at the Moderna galerija. I assembled an exhibition on the status of the document in the construction of a work of art and in criminal proceedings. The exhibition was based on materials from an actual case chosen by Biserka Debeljak fromthe collection of the police museum. The documents (indirect evidence, court records, crime scene photographs, etc.) were exhibited face down in display cases. In this way, I made sure I was not manipulating the material for some particular artistic or spectacular impact. By doing this, I also concealed the identity of the victims and perpetrator of the crime. I was interested in the evocative power of the authentic document and its importance in both artistic and criminal activities."





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