friendship, Nick Aikens

narrator Nick Aikens
term friendship
duration 14:10 min
year 2016
courtesy of MG+MSUM

t seems the commons differs from the first four referential fields explored by the glossary – historicization, subjectivization, geopolitics and constituencies. The term is propositional whereas the previous terms demarcate broader strategies or areas. Similarly, the commons is closely aligned with a set of political and ideological positions, as well as recent discursive momentum that’s gathered, as the glossary preamble states, over the past decade. For the proposition of the commons to move past its own ‘discursive illusion’, however - to resist becoming an abstraction - it feels significant to consider what we might understand of the commons on a personal, subjective and human level. What does it mean to be in common? What types of relationships – or modes of being together - would that involve? With this in mind, I would like to consider the term ‘friendship’.


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