self-management, Bojana Piškur

narrator Bojana Piškur
term self-management
duration 18:09
year 28 June 2016
courtesy of MG+MSUM

In order to discuss the commons today especially in relation to art and culture and speaking from our particular location we must return at least 60 years back, to the 1950s, a period when Yugoslavia broke with the Soviet Union after it refused to submit to the Soviet domination which left it in cultural, economic and political isolation from the rest of the socialist bloc. That also meant that Agitprop department which until then controlled all cultural happenings in Yugoslavia (Agitprop took after the Soviet model and was controlled by the Yugoslav communist party) was abolished. Subsequently, all these changes lead to the development of a new kind of state cultural politics – the one based on self-management principles and later on also on Yugoslavia’s active role in the Non-Aligned Movement.


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