intuition, Meriç Öner

narrator Meriç Öner
term intuition
duration 11:55 min
year 2014
courtesy of MG+MSUM
picture / document glossary-historicization-meric-oner-intuition2.png

Under the referential field “Historicization” of the Glossary of Common Knowledge by L’Internationale, SALT suggested the term “intuition,” with the aim of revealing interrelations between research and programs that are unlikely to appear without specified inspection. Considering historicization as an intentional act, the term “intuition” was selected to demonstrate a distinction between what can be considered the most common cultural method of historicization, the act of archiving, and a more fluid approach that builds new conduits of research and knowledge through non-systematic accumulation. SALT’s toying with the term intuition is an attempt to define the gray areas in the ways cultural institutions function in reality, it also speaks of the aspiration to individualize the very idea of the form of the institution.


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