Museo del Barro

organisation type private museum
founding date 1979
city, country Asunción, Paraguay
departments the clay museum, the indigenous museum, the contemporary art museum
address Grabadores del Cabichui s/n, Asunción , Paraguay
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The Museo del Barro was founded in 1979 as a private institution to house the large indigenous pottery collection (clay) reflected in its name. However, it also serves as the Indigenous Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Paraguay. The three divisions make up the bulk of the museum's collection. The clay museum houses over 300 pieces of pre-Columbian ceramics, and contains some 4,000 items of wood, fabric, and metal from the 17th century to the present day. In the indigenous section are 1,700 pieces produced by the different ethnic groups that make up the Paraguayan population. Baskets, masks and feather work typify the collection. The third part of the museum is dedicated to contemporary artists from throughout Latin America. There are approximately 3,000 works by Paraguayan, Argentinean, Brazilian, and Chilean artists, including drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture and mixed media.


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