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Mabel  Tapia
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bio | Mabel Tapia is an independent researcher from Buenos Aires, living in Paris. She is actually finishing a Ph.D.. at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Her research focuses on art practices from the XXIst century involving the use of archives, activism, political engagement and that have as one of their main characteristics, the deactivation of the aesthetic function. Processes of legitimation, valorization and visibility of contemporary practices in their relation to the phenomenon of reification in the frame of new paradigms in both artistic and socio-economic fields are part of her investigation. She is member and coordinator for the year 2015 of the platform Red Conceptualismos del Sur (Southern Conceptualisms Network). She also works as an editor and recently, she coordinated the edition of the catalogues: Losing human form. A seismic image of the ’80s in Latin America (Madrid: Musée Reina Sofía, 2013) and Buenos Aires: Eduntref, 2014) and Really Useful Knowledge (Madrid: Musée Reina Sofía, 2014).