Meriç Öner

Meriç  Öner
participated in seminars historicisation, subjectivisation, constituencies, other institutionality, geopolitics II
terms and associative terms intuition, self-representation, de-professionalization, translation, instant
affiliated institution SALT
Meriç Öner (b. 1979, Ankara, Turkey) is a trained architect and Director of Research and Programs at SALT. Focusing mainly on Turkey and its surrounding geography after 1950s, she develops material culture research with a comprehensive and progressive approach. Her work circulates in forms of print and online publications, exhibitions, and public programs. Recent exhibitions include Commissioners' Exhibition, SALT Galata, Istanbul (2017); One and the Many, SALT Galata, Istanbul (2016) and ÇSM, Ankara (2017); and SUMMER HOMES: Claiming the Coast, SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul, (2014). Öner is the editor of the publications Tracing Istanbul (from the air) (GG, 2009) and Mapping Istanbul (GG, 2009). She is on the advisory board of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial.