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term rog
narrator Aigul Hakimova
published 23 June 2016

In the beginning of June 2016 a violent attack and attempt of eviction of Autonomous Tovarna Rog took place in Ljubljana, the most beautiful capital city in the world. Tovarna Rog, a 10 year old baby of the common, would one say, following the definition of idea of the common by Hardt and Negri, which “means not merely the natural resources that capital seeks to appropriate, but also /the languages we create, the social practices we establish, the modes of sociality that define our relationships/, which are both the means and the result of bio-political production.” Could we say that “the republic of Rog” snapped at“the republic of property” by putting the dialectic opposition between “modernity and alter-modernity” aside and opening a way to a third or trialectic dimension? The idea of topos and political forms of organization within and besides the walls. Let us talk about it.