draft version

term biotope
narrator Zdenka Badovinac, Bojana Piškur, Adela Železnik
published 18 February 2016

At the Moderna   galerija , we have asked ourselves what it is that constituencies actually constitute. Seeing that we work within a very small community – Ljubljana only has a population of 300,000 – it is virtually impossible to think about the institution otherwise than in relation to the other agents in the community, which is here referred to as the space of contemporary art in the narrow sense of the term. We think about our community in terms of a biotope of sorts, in which every species, every agent, regardless of their status, is important for the survival of the community. For this reason, it is important to think about the institution both as just one of many constituencies and as a space co-created by others who frequently only become truly visible and a public good in and through the institution. Constituencies can then be understood in two ways: so that the institution (in our case Moderna   galerija  ) is just one of the constituencies co-creating a specific space of contemporary art and as some sort of mutual partnership with the institution (constituencies as agents of the institution).