earth, Ida Hiršenfelder

narrator Ida Hiršenfelder
term earth
affiliated institution MG+MSUM

Maps and territories as notions of geopolitical strategies are abstractions derived from cultural ideas, which are grounded in the perspectives that cannot see their political interest beyond the perspective of the (mythical) land or landscape. The notion of a globe in the process of modernity promised to surpass this mythical perspective and encompass the entire world, however, it has failed precisely from the same reason as the previous notion for the lack of the representation that would correspond to the Earth as a whole. In terms of geopolitics Bruno Latour in his 2017 book Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime points out that both the geo- and the politics are in deep crisis. Right at the time in which we need to completely reshape our every single detail of existence in political terms in order to survive as a species, the political mode of existence as a certain way of arguing and articulating completely dwindled and has been replaced almost completely by technology and bureaucracy. He calls upon politics that would literally bring us down the Earth and not toward the global or the national. I will address the term Earth from the perspective that would reshape our sense of being in our environment.