emancipatory propaganda, Jonas Staal

narrator Jonas Staal
term emancipatory propaganda

Our crises in the domain of politics, economy and ecology are experienced locally, but address infrastructures of power that act globally – at the scales of geopolitics. To undo the devastation of authoritarianism, precarity and extractivism across the world, we need new narratives, new stories and imaginaries to take and act power differently and world the world anew. Speculative propaganda does not propagate power as it is, but as it could be; as it exists in various potentialities that can construct new planetary realities. Speculating beyond the limits of the nation-state, it proposes transdemocratic infrastructures and institutionalities: from stateless embassies to extraterritorial parliaments, from transnational campaigns to interspecies alliances. Against the dystopia that is sold to us as “realism,” speculative propaganda pre-enacts models of emancipatory (self)governance to make a world.