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term self-historicization
narrator Zdenka Badovinac
published May 2014

Self-historicization is an informal system of historicization practiced by artists who, due to the absence of any suitable collective history, are themselves compelled to search for their own historical/interpretive context. Because the local institution in the non-Western world that should have systematized neoavant- garde art either did not exist or took a dismissive attitude towards such art, the artists themselves, in various places, were compelled to archive documents related to their own art, the art of other artists, and the broader art movements and conditions of production. Today, in the work of younger artists, the strategy of historicization is acquiring new forms, associated especially with a critique of the new relations in society that are attempting to instrumentalize history. If, until recently, the subject of historicization was mainly post-war avant-garde art, then today – in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, for instance – these subjects also include the cultural legacy of socialism and the Yugoslav Partisan movement.


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Zdenka Badovinac, introduction to the glossary, 7:47 min, 2014, MG+MSUM
introduction to the glossary
Zdenka Badovinac, self-historicization, 14:43 min, 2014, MG+MSUM