draft version

term fragility
narrator Jesús Carrillo, Francisco Godoy Vega
published December 2014

In 1989, Felix Guattari argued that reality was structured according to three intertwined ecologies – nature, society and the individual – being their precarious balance continuously endangered by the exposure to external factors and by internal entropy. The many layers of our contemporary subjectivity would be in a permanent risk of breakdown, being fragility one of its most accurate defining features.


This notion provides us with the key to generate a correct diagnoses of the precarious equilibrium upon which our reality stands and our subjectivity is being built. Also, and more importantly, it provides us with a revolutionary opportunity to intervene both in the macro-systems of capitalism and in the molecular realms of sensibility, intelligence and desire. It allows new alliances among those molecular realms and the different ecosystems which are involving us.


Artistic and activist practices since the 1960s have been working on the basis of this common fragile subjectivity, knitting new ecologies for creating and living together. For them, and for us, fragility is not the premise of a ruinous future or of heroic martyrdom, but a space in which to activate the power of life in a necro-capitalist system.