basic income, Róza El-Hassan

narrator Róza El-Hassan
term basic income
duration 19:22 min
year 29 June 2016
courtesy of MG+MSUM

In the early nineties, I studied art in the newly founded Intermedia Department in Hungary. One of our professors, Tamás St.Auby spoke about his utopian theories on the border of traditional spirituality, art, and social change. One of the notions, which returned in his lectures, again and again, was the notion of "Basic Income". We heard from St.Auby about monks in Tibet who never worked and the community always provided the subsistence level, we heard about the  new and eternal role of artists after the Fluxus movement: artist should never be forced to work, and the community should provide a minimal income to survive. Beuys said "everybody is an artist" – should all the people have a basic income?)


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