to baffle, Jelena Vesić

narrator Jelena Vesić
term to baffle
duration 21:14 min
year 28 June 2016
courtesy of MG+MSUM

The term is not a part of the usual common(s) vocabulary; it does not stand for a function or a feature, but for an act: I would like to speak about the state of bafflement, and the gesture that is baffling. To baffle is also a certain right of disprivileged, powerless and deprived in confronting the violence of power. To baffle is not a part of the “tragedy” or of “comedy” of the commons; it is neither a resource nor a strategy. It is the right no one can undo or deny; it is to make the attempt to dramatically change the existing set of circumstances, a try to unilaterally change the paradigm itself.


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