agitational visual language, Tzortzis Rallis

narrator Tzortzis Rallis
term agitational visual language
duration 14:35 min
year 17 September 2015
courtesy of MG+MSUM

In the recent years, the ongoing economic crisis & era of austerity have brought new episodes of antagonism and resistance on to the streets across the globe. In this context, as a graphic designer exploring the impact of visual communication in wider society, I developed practice-led research that seeks to determine similarities in agitational visual languages used to support grassroots movements that emerged in response to this economic and social crisis. For the seminar Glossary of Common Knowledge, the term ‘Agitational Visual Language’ is utilised to discuss a series of events in Greece. The term is used as an attempt to examine both geopolitical characteristics, as well as common visual elements in the pattern of social movements that have arisen in Greece and other parts of the world in the recent years.

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