global resistance: the geopolitics of the contemporary social movements, Darij Zadnikar

narrator Darij Zadnikar
term global resistance
duration 16:07 min
year 17 September 2015
courtesy of MG+MSUM

It is quite a challenging task to propose a workable sub-category to the seemingly “outdated” term of geopolitics. Even more, because this term was never genuine part of the life-world of the commons and it's ethical and esthetic layers. Looking at the maps of the current crisis, for instance at the borders of Syria – and the same can be seen on the other maps of war-torn countries, which are mainly located beyond our conformity – we can see the straight borderlines, which are cutting into the real geography and demographics of broad landscapes. These borders were obviously created with rulers and by the rulers, located somewhere far away, in the “metropolis” of the world.

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