Bogna Stefańska

participated in seminars subjectivisation II
terms and associative terms being ecological
affiliated institution Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

bio | Bogna Stefańska graduated in art history from the Faculty of Management of Visual Culture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She currently works in the Research Department at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as a researcher and curator of a public programme on climate crisis. In her research work she is concerned with rewriting the canon of artistic and activist actions towards the climate crisis as well as feminist art and online feminist actions. Bogna is a founding member of Pump it up! art cooperative and one of the creators of the Atlas of the Anti-fascist Year – a social archive of anti-fascist and anti-war activities and attitudes in culture, art and other walks of life. She also co-curates and co-organises the HER Docs Film Festival, the first documentary film festival in Poland presenting the oeuvre of female film auteurs.