Sophie Mak-Schram

Sophie  Mak-Schram
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bio | Sophie Mak-Schram is an art historian, producer, educator and occasional practitioner. She has been, amongst other things, one founding half of Overheard Map, an annual residency project that experiments with how artists work together, one half of Tail Bend Travel, a (sometimes fictional) tour company that offers unexpected walking/video/performance tours, one part of Cera Project, a curatorial platform for art of the non-West, and one part of PACTO, an international art collective. She has worked for immersive theatre company Punchdrunk, global university Minerva Schools and artist development organisation UK New Artists, and often designs educational programmes aimed at fostering social activism and community building, internationally. Sophie likes to think and work with other people about how knowledge is constituted through or around art, and what political, social and cultural implications these knowledges have. She is specifically interested in decolonial and feminist approaches, radical pedagogies and collective practices.