Elisa Fuenzalida

participated in seminars subjectivisation II
terms and associative terms vulnerability

bio | Elisa Fuenzalida (mostly she, but also they) is a Peruvian researcher, curator and editor. Her practice is found at the intersection between memory, body, community, care, gender and migration from an eco-feminist point of view. She has coordinated the decolonial Anibal Quijano Chair in Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia since 2018. Previously, her work was closely linked to the Pornolab collective and the activation of La Revuelta Obscena, platform for the research and dissemination of audiovisual, literary and theoretical materials that shake up normative narratives around body, desire and sexuality. She is also a founding member of the publishing house Papel de Fumar, a winner of the Miguel Hernandez National Poetry Prize. Since 2019 she has also been researching at the crossroads of sound art and archives. Her first piece was Ensamblajes del Cuidado [Assemblages of Care], which collected the testimonies and sounds of modes of solidarity during the collapse of the public health system in Peru in the context of the pandemic (¿Cómo continuar? Centro Cultural de España, Lima, Perú). Her latest work, El Futuro era tu Cuerpo, is a series of capsules regarding the memory of mourning and care in the travesti and trans communities of Peru in the 1990s (Our Many Europes: Rethinking the 90s). Both were developed in collaboration with the sound producer Jorge Vicario. Elisa Fuenzalida is currently managing editor of the street newspaper for art & society, wealth & poverty – Art of the Working Class – and mediator in the network of citizen participation laboratories Redes por el Clima. She(they) resides in amphibious mode between Berlin and Madrid.