instant, Meriç Öner

narrator Meriç Öner
term instant
affiliated institution SALT

Geopolitics is the greater acknowledgment of working through plans and projects; strategies and tactics. It gives blunt confidence to humans discussing the past and the future of other humans and things. Its existence as an attitude is powered by its practicality. War and trade, success and festival merge and melt in its complexity. In its enormous capacity of containing all, it cannot actually be identified and bypassed.


With the mentioned highly adaptive qualities, the geopolitical, today, is inherent in human thinking. It is unflawed in sudden twists and turns, and as such serves the best of unprincipled, target-based actions. It bases the knowledge in calculations mostly of relationships. It is fed from the human mind, which was taught to think in multiplicities of affirmative or negative responses. Even in its seemingly web-like, non-linear, living structure, it is actually only a system of repetitions, mostly of former fears and future doubts.


Sure, it is possible to point at its conflicts but there are never dead ends. What makes it the darling of the 21st century is how resourceful the essence is. Funny enough, as it is what humans learned over time, it is also what the humans are trying to teach the non-humans. Just when the earthly concerns are too great to stand still yet the worldly pace of extending solutions is well below the needed, it is, unfortunately, more useful for the corporately organized.


The geopolitical’s insidious reign over human’s thinking demonstrates itself in what institutions do when they potentially build other networks and mimic the fundamentals.   As it is not built on simple polarities but of time and space narratives, the attempt at overcoming this self-nutrient attitude requires non-binary measures.


“Instant” is one such proposal because through it there might be a chance to break away from time, space, and the constructed human mind:


  • Instant is not contingent. Only our interpretations make it relevant to the past or the future.
  • Instant is not repetitive. It is our ideas of moments that recur, never the actual moments.
  • Instant is not demanding. It supports neither targets and deadlines nor success stories.
  • Instant is not instrumental. Knowing that there is one thing that cannot be overused emotionally or commercially is infinitely relieving.
  • Instant does not formulate grand scales. It works at the capacity of the human perception, encouraging one to act and react out of her own senses. 
  • Every instant is specified by its own conditions. It cannot be ruled under pre-written commands.
  • Every instant is suggestive of other instants. The ones inside it are individually responsible for what comes next.
  • Every instant is reliable in its accuracy. It is one’s duty to capture the full story within.
  • Every instant is one reality and as such shuts down myriads of past and future obfuscations.
  • Every instant is more life and less an opportunity.


Needless to say instant as a break away from the geopolitical reflex, is not to be formulated. I merely tried to demonstrate both its abstract potential as a way of seeing life and more importantly trusting again the human in its own scale as well as its material gift as a means of sharing time and space with humans, and the animals, and the plants.