direct action, Tjaša Pureber

narrator Tjaša Pureber
term direct action
published 31 March 2022, Ljubljana

Any kind of subversive action, be that on the terrain of social movements, or radically engaged art, is subjected to the constant potentiality of recuperation. Recuperation is in this context set as a social activity, used for maintaining control over those who are trying to negate it. Recuperation comes in many forms: as open repression, the politics of integration, and sometimes internalised censorship of even the most subversive ideas. The only tactics that are resilient towards such power of political neutralisation, are creative direct actions that are in their practical manifestation questioning and pushing boundaries of the existing. Direct action in this sense is not a materialised act of resistance, that would be fetishised in time and space. Rather it is a subversive movement of collectivity in becoming. As such it is able to question positions of power in terms of its internal structure and remain ungovernable in relation to the power-over. To reference John Holloway, this is the methodology that is a break in the social order, a potential that has to be realised in a given situation in order to build a movement against and beyond the existent. I will explore different notions, understanding and manifestations of direct action in relation to power dynamics, manifested in and by the act itself.