CONFERENCE, Radical Education Collective - REC

narrator Radical Education Collective - REC
term biotope
duration 28th – 29th November
year 2009
courtesy of Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
picture / document rec_conference_eng-_1_.pdf


Bojana Piškur: Imagination Beyond Representation, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009


Elizabeth M. F. Araújo Lima: On the margins of art: The crossover between aesthetic experimentation, clinical actions and political participation in Brazil, 2009


Graciela Carnevale: Radical Imagination. Ruptures and Continuities, Rosario, Argentina, Nov 2009


Jasna Koteska: Spaces Without Time, Macedonia, 2009


Jože Barši: Radical: Some Thoughts, 2009


Joan Miquel Gual and panxto ramas (Francesco Salvini), members of Universidad Nómada: Be Network, My Friend, 2009


Imagination is not just a composition of thoughts and projections; it is undepictable. The border is not an edge, but the horizon beyond. Politics is where a constant deconstruction of injustice and inequality takes place in society. Micropolitics is not the other face of capitalism, but a permanent becomingrevolutionary. Institutions are not organisations or a mere technology of the arrangement of thoughts, bodies, memories, and discourses. They are also a manifestation of counterpower and places of selforganisation. A university is not an incubator of competition and productivity. It is a place where critical thought is born. New public spaces are not reserves of alternative or interest groups. They are places beyond capitalist urbanisation.


In times of crisis, the conference focuses on the meaning of the radical. It explores the radical through the notions of micropolitics and transversality. It asks questions: what is the relationship between social movements, institutions, and alternative practices of institutionality; why can new politics emerge only beyond the state, parties, and traditional labor unions; how is the crisis of the university manifested in society; how do new public spaces and their protagonists undermine the prerogatives of capitalist urbanisation; how do art and artistic practices elude the trappings of representation; how is it possible to think about ruptures and utopias today; how can “wanting now” become possible and on what can life beyond capitalism rely?



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